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We believe that no matter what the business, if the people in it aren’t working to maximum potential, neither is the organisation – so – that’s our job. Helping your people be better at what they do.

WE LISTEN – to what you have to say to we can tailor our services.

WE DELIVER – creative, effective workshops in a way that increases the value of your people, and

YOU BENEFIT – we work together to build your people.

We specialise in human resource ‘soft skills’ training for federal, state and local government, not for profits, and for profit businesses.  Work with Pinpoint People to make your people amazing!

Ready to Make Your People Amazing?

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Our Services

Human resource education and training for professionals in the public, not for profit and private sector.

We Listen

We Deliver

You Benefit

Managing Customer Aggression

“People Are Our Most Important Asset” is used by many businesses but is too often just a catch-phrase trotted out while doing the business plan. We, however, believe it. You’ve probably noticed an increasing trend for customer interactions to be more challenging and harder for your people to manage.

Protect your people from aggressive customers and train them how to manage challenging conversations and situations.

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Team Building, Leadership and Change

You’re under the pump from your boss to do more with less and the people in your teams aren’t achieving the results you want.

What’s missing? Are they not functioning well as a team? It’s time to find out what’s stopping them from helping you deliver on your performance agreement.

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Positive Performance Management

The most time-consuming part of any job (that involves people) is managing people. We believe that every single person goes to work wanting to do their best. It’s your job to establish an environment that allows them to do that.

Our team is genuinely committed to help you make people more effective.

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Working with Dignity and Respect

Research shows that creating an opportunity for team members to understand each other’s culture, customs and traditions leads to more harmonious teams and a sense of ‘wholeness’ that delivers higher levels of productivity.

Create a wholeness in your team that respects individuality within a team environment.

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Independent Advisory Services

There are times when you really need to have someone from ‘outside’ looking in – whether that’s looking at why your team isn’t performing, or to investigate a bullying or harassment claim or simply to be a fresh set of eyes to the way your team is working.

Create independence to your workplace investigation with one of our experienced, former government and private sector professionals.

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Accredited First Aid Safety Training

Pinpoint People has partnered with First Aid Safety Training, a quality, respected Registered Training Organisation to provide for our clients accredited first aid training.

Is your team confident they could save someone’s life at work? Talk to us about how to give them the skills and expertise to step up when faced with a life threatening situation. More than a box-ticking exercise, FAST’s quality training turns your people into real life savers.

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Ready to Make Your People Amazing?

Our Team

Not all people (or jobs) are created equal.  We understand that and work hard to match your needs to our team.  Our people are skilled but not all of them are right for YOUR project.

We have an extensive resource base of skills, experience and personality types and we can find you exactly what you need to get the best results for your organisation and your people.

Leone Moyse

HR and Business Management Consultant and Facilitator

Leone is a highly diversified business consultant & trainer in human resource management strategy, organisational design, performance management and higher education curriculum design. Her Australian and overseas experience delivers creative results.

Merryn Crawford

Coach, Facilitator, Learning and Development Specialist

Merryn has over two decades of consulting experience in the design and delivery of targeted programmes that drive business benefits to organisations looking to maximise employee engagement and performance.

Brenda Stephens

Facilitator and Project Manager

Brenda bring 23 years in human resources, operational and service delivery in federal government to Pinpoint People. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for teaching others is the reason her facilitation and training is so successful.

Judith Norris

Researcher, Facilitator and Consultant in Educational Leadership

Judith has over 20 years’ experience working in education settings as an educational leader. Her roles as Principal, School Systems Consultant, Lecturer/Researcher help her develop targetted leadership programs for senior executive educators.

Ready to Make Your People Amazing?

Our Clients

UNE Partnerships
Randwick City Council
Interaction Consulting Group
Department of Education and Training
Canberra Institute of Technology
Blacktown City Council

What Our Clients Say

Ready to Make Your People Amazing?

Our Partners

Pinpoint Business Consulting provides expertise in corrections, health, education, government and facilities management.  Our experts can provide advice with strategic to the day to day risks arising out of people and processes.

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Pinpoint Grants and Tenders helps organisations grow by finding and securing government grants and tenders. This is a specialist service delivered though our extensive knowledge of, and experience in, government processes.

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First Aid Safety Training (FAST) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 32085) that we partner with to offer our clients accredited first aid training. All courses is ASQA Certified.

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Ready to Make Your People Amazing?

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Ready to Make Your People Amazing?

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Ready to make your people amazing?

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Ready to Make Your People Amazing?